Vinavanti brings natural wine making to Hillcrest


Taking a page from the craft beer playbook, a number of local wineries are opening locations in high-traffic, central locations. These urban wineries offer the tasting room experience within the production facility with the added comfort of a neighborhood locale.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 2.23.02 PMFor those of us who don’t want to trek to wine country for the winery experience, I’m happy to report Vinavanti Urban Winery will soon open in Hillcrest (1477 University Ave.).

The new corner location should afford plenty of foot-traffic, plus added space to allow for table service, light food items (think tapas and pinchos) and live entertainment.

Another element that makes Vinavanti a fine fit for this neighborhood is Van Drunen’s all-natural approach to wine making. Without the aid of added yeast, sulfites or other additives, this rogue winemaker allows his wines to develop on their own.

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