Some links we’d love to share

Painting and wine classes | Dates and companies vary: These classes are typically held at bars and restaurants with an instructor teaching how to recreate a famous (or not-so-famous) work of art. Wine and other beverages are available for purchase in most cases; some allow you to BYOW (often with corkage fee). Class prices range starting around $20 and deals can be found on Groupon, Living Social, etc. Here are a few local companies to try:

In-home tastings | Various companies: A few local companies will host in-home tastings. Some represent one brand, while others bring several brands. Prices vary and coupons can be found online in some cases.

  • WTF – Wine That’s Fun: Brand started by a husband and wife team featuring a few select varietals so far. I hosted a party with WTF and all the guests had a great time and some signed up for the WTF club. $30 – $120 (depending on number of guests/bottles of wine).
  • PRP Wine International: The consultants for this company bring several bottles from various producers and guide you through a tasting. I’ve attended two of these parties and the wines were eclectic and tasty. Purchases are limited to half and full cases I believe but you can go in on a box with friends. $99.