Photo challenge! Let’s see those wine pictures!

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Have you ever done a photo-a-day challenge? Well, I had the (drunken) idea to make an all wine-themed photo challenge and hope some of you will jump on board.
For those of you that aren’t familiar, a photo challenge typically comes with a list of prompts corresponding with the days of a given month. Usually it will consist of vague terms like “reflection” or “flavor” leaving the participant to give it meaning.

Of course, the goal is to share a picture every day related to the prompt (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all three); but even if you want to pick and choose your favorites you can still be a part of the fun.

Here’s some “rules” and hints to help you along the way:

1. Be creative! Of course a prompt like “red” makes you think of red wine, but you might have a bottle of white with a beautiful red label you’d love to share!

2. Tell your friends! I’ve done several photo challenges in the past (here are a few good ones: here, here, and here). A big part of the fun is seeing what someone else does when given the same prompt.

3. Tag @sixonewine on Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #sixonewine or #sixonewinephoto so I’ll be sure to see what y’all are doing. I’ll share some of my favorites here and via social media. IE you’re about to be blog famous to my other five fans.

4. Start brainstorming ahead of time! I decided to plan this out for next month for this reason…  My recent wine instructor called it “going to the library” when you peruse the wine section or wine shop and inspect labels. It’s a great way to learn about wine and become familiar with names and labeling methods. For our purposes it’s also a great way to stock up on some wine pictures for the challenge!

5. If you miss a day – no big deal! First off, it probably means you’re not as big a wino as me; second off, it’s meant to be fun.

6. There just might be a prize for one lucky Photo-a-Day challenge participant.

?Enjoy! I can’t wait to see your pictures ?