Matthiasson’s 2014 Rosé beats the heat


matthiasson_8818.wideaRefreshing pink wine is a palate pleaser

I’ve recently come to terms with being a true blue (or should that be pink?) fan of Rosé. The quintessential backyard wine often gets a bad rap—either due to the long, sordid history of white Zinfandel or because of its blushing feminine tone. Regardless, tasty, refreshing and flavorful Rosés exist, many of which have recently passed through my lips due to the unrelenting summer heat.
I’ve come to agree whole-heartedly with a colleague’s sentiment: It’s always rosé season in San Diego.

The salmon-hued wine currently filling my glass is Matthiasson’s 2014 Rosé made from Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Counoise. I first enjoyed a glass at Village Vino in Kensington and the winemakers were kind enough to send me a bottle so I could get even more familiar with it.

Right away the scent of orange blossoms intoxicates; minerality and a touch of pink grapefruit are found on the palate. That citrusy acidity is exactly what I love about this, and other, dry Rosés—it’s thirst quenching without too much pucker. There is also a slightly floral essence, which matches the fragrance beautifully.

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Kogod wine merchant: 2014 Matthiasson Rosé (750ml) and 2014 Matthiasson Rosé (1.5L)

Also available by glass and bottle at Village Vino in Kensington.

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