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Catching the buzz on Baja wines: Q & A with Fernando Gaxiola


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Fernando Gaxiola of Baja Wine + Food as he hosted a tasting of Baja wines at The Wine Pub in Point Loma. After asking him a few interview questions I had enough to fill my wine column in San Diego CityBeat and then some. You can check out the article in CB here and see below for a Q & A with the Baja wine aficionado. I couldn’t keep all this great insight to myself! Follow Fernando online at his website and on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). He is hosting and involved with many upcoming …

French wine quiz

I recently finished up a French Wine Intensive class and our final was quite unique. Instead of memorizing geography or regurgitating facts, we each had to create a 15-question multiple choice quiz. And I wanted to share what I came up with. 

Sweet wine and salty cheese


I went to a wine and cheese pairing last week… in my living room. After a long week, I spent about 10 minutes gathering up most of the groceries I needed, only to spend another 30 minutes pouring over the selection of wine and cheese at Vons. I should have made the trek to Bine and Vine up the road, alas I was too lazy.