About Six One Wine


Hi there, I’m Jen! As you’ve probably guessed, I love wine. The obsession started long ago, not so far away…

Shortly after turning 21, I went on a trip to Paso Robles. Up to that point I’d only had a few glasses of wines and what I surmised was: red was good, white was bad. But at Meridian Vineyards in Paso I tasted a Pinot Gris that was delicious and realized white could be a lot more than butter-tinged, rich California Chardonnay.


Apparently Jen 2005 also liked scrapbooking.

Throughout that trip I discovered there was a giant spectrum of wine to imbibe and thus my love affair with the nectar of the vines began.

A year or so later I enrolled in a “Wines of the World” class at Grossmont Community College, mostly for fun, and continued my infatuation for the next decade in an amateur sense (that part hasn’t changed).

Just before my 30th birthday, I landed a column with San Diego CityBeat writing their wine column – Bottle Rocket – which publishes every four weeks (You can find it here). It took several writing samples and my dusted-off community college textbook to win over the sternest editor I’ve worked with.

Over two years have passed and I’ve used my wine column to share bottles I’ve loved and hated, places I’ve liked and disliked, and information on local wine events – all coming from a novice perspective. I drank what I liked, I learned from tasting notes and information online; I honestly didn’t do a lot of deep digging. But I’m ready to grow.

I’m currently enrolled in San Diego State’s Extended Studies program for a certificate in the “business of wine.” The first class- simply called “Exploring Wine” – was an intense six-week overview of major wine regions. I completed about 50 hours of reading during the class and I learned a lot (including how to spit out wine).

This fall I’ll continue with 4 more classes – “Wine Making Behind the Scenes,” “Dynamic Food and Wine Pairing,” “Intensive: California Wines,” and “Intensive: French Wines.”

I plan to share more about wine as I learn and use this site for bottle and wine bar reviews along with keeping up with the latest local wine events.

I hope you’re ready to learn and drink with me!