French wine quiz

I recently finished up a French Wine Intensive class and our final was quite unique. Instead of memorizing geography or regurgitating facts, we each had to create a 15-question multiple choice quiz. And I wanted to share what I came up with. 

I plugged in the questions from my final to put mine out there for others to try and meant to post this weeks ago but the holidays and all that got in the way…

A few days ago I found out the teacher of that class, John Alonge, passed away. From my brief interactions with John, I found him to be warm and kind-hearted. He spoke about wine with such passion, making his class a true joy.

So I’m sharing my quiz today with John in mind and tonight I’m going to drink some Champagne in his honor. It was a bottle I was thinking of holding on to but in light of so many passings lately it seems fitting not to waste any time.

My little quiz highlights only a few details of the vast subject of French wine, but I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!